Our Objective:

Reducing the burden on families and supporting their Resilience through the distribution of cooked meals.


Throughout this project, the SEWAR organization aimed to support the resilience of the displaced families by providing them with emergency response during Ramadan through an in-kind cooked meal on a daily basis covering the whole holy month. Consequently, SEWAR organization managed through all the implemented activities to enhance food security in North-West Syria and improve the living conditions of the targeted vulnerable groups living in the camps.

850 households residing in the camps of Idlib area, received daily cooked meals for continuous 30 days, and the daily number of cooked meals was 21000 in total. During the 30 days, seven different meals were provided on a weekly basis (30 days of distribution per month). The meals will be suitable for all age groups of children, adults and the elderly, considering the nutrition value in terms of daily calories needed, moreover, in most of the times, the meals were sufficient for Iftar and Suhur as the size of the meals were big and majority of the BNFs managed to save the rest of Iftar food to be consumed during Suhur .

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