Organization Background

Women are relied upon in rebuilding societies after wars and crises. Therefore, empowering and supporting women is a key to real change in society.
Based on this principle, a group of women established the Sewar organization in early 2014 in Syria, and on 25. Dec. 2015, the organization was officially licensed and registered in Turkey – Gaziantep under license number /27-019-082/.

SEWAR Organization focuses on the well-being of women and girls by creating safe environments for them, mitigating violence, resisting marginalization, seeking to eliminate all kinds of discrimination, and seeking just equality.
We work side-by-side with affected communities to understand the root causes of violence and find innovative, women-led solutions.

Who we are


SEWAR Organization


A non-profit humanitarian Foundation, founded by several individuals who believe in the highest humanitarian principles and seek to empower women in society, spread peace and democracy, and meet the needs of affected groups by responding to emergency situations and implementing sustainable humanitarian and development projects


The presence of active women in a recuperative society leads to sustainable development.


Empowering society to advance and achieve sustainable development and peacebuilding by supporting women in all social, economic, and political fields.

  • Sharing
  • Humanity
  • Loyalty
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Cooperating
Strategic goals

1- Achieve women’s leadership at the local level, and progress towards globality.

2- A society that believes in justice and gender equality

3- Best response to emergency humanitarian situations, in addition to implementing sustainable development projects.


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